Process for selling your land

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At Haystack Land Company, we understand that selling your land can be a significant decision. We have purchased almost 1,000 acres over the years, and in every single transaction, our goal has always been and will always be to provide the best experience possible to the landowners who choose to sell us their land.

We are committed to making this process as seamless and efficient as possible. And don’t just take our word for it…we’d be more than willing to provide you with the attorneys and title companies with which we’ve worked on countless transactions. we are legitimate, trustworthy buyers, we’re happy to provide  you with the attorneys and titles companies with which we work who , who can vouch for us. Oh, and check out our reviews on our homepage.

For those of you considering selling your land to use, here’s an overview of the purchase process once you sign the agreement.

Our closing process for purchasing land from owners.

The Haystack Land closing process.

Step 1: Onsite Inspection of the Property

Once you sign the purchase agreement with us, we conduct an onsite inspection of your land within 10 days. Our extended team will conduct a thorough walk of the property to assess its condition, identifying any potential issues such as excessive trash or property-related concerns.

Step 2: Title Company/Attorney Takes Over

After the onsite inspection, we will send over the purchase agreement to the attorney or title company for their review and approval, along with a deposit if specified in the contract – and they take over the process from here. They review and approve the agreement, initiating their comprehensive title search and abstract. This step ensures that any existing liens (say, property taxes weren’t paid and the county puts a lien on the property, or theirs a mechanic’s lien) or title chain issues (making sure anyone who owns interest in the property is accounted for) associated with the property are identified.

Step 3: Title Commitment from Title Insurance

Once the title company or attorney completes their search and abstract, they’ll provide a title commitment. This commitment basically says that they’ll insure the title for the property as long as any title issues identified are addressed – they call this “title curative work” – and very little if any is needed in most cases.

We prioritize transparency and safeguarding your interests throughout this process.

Step 4: Attorney/Title Company Prepares Closing Documents and Deed

The next step involves the attorney or title company preparing the necessary closing documents and the deed. These documents outline the statement of sale (what you get paid, etc), deeds and any other documents needed to be completed for the sale to take place.

Step 5: Title Company/Attorney Schedules Closing and Mails Out Documents

Once all the closing documents are ready, the title company or attorney will schedule the closing date. Since most landowners don’t live near the property, this is typically a “mail out closing” – where the attorney mails the documents for you to complete and return in advance of the closing, and in some cases, will send out a mobile notary.

Step 6: Closing Date Arrives and Payment is Disbursed to the Seller

The closing date is the date when you as the seller get paid, and the property officially transfers over to us. Documents are typically completed by all parties will come together to finalize the transaction. Since the documents are usually completed in advance, the attorney/title company is able to confirm everything is in order, and will disburse the payment.

Our goal at at Haystack Land Company is to ensure you feel safe and secure while making it as fast and easy a process to sell your land. We always work with trusted attorneys and title company, and are happy to provide you with their contact information to confirm we are trustworthy.

About Haystack Land Company

We buy land in Upstate New York, Texas, Georgia and around the United States. We started Haystack Land Company with the core value of “integrity above all else” in mind, and it reaches into everything that we do. Our goal is to do right by our customers, business partners and providers — and to treat them with the care and respect that every individual deserves.

If you own land and you’re interested in selling, please get in touch with us.