Haystack Land Company

About us

We're Kathryn and Andy Rouse, founders of Haystack Land Company (a registered name of Rouseland Investments, LLC). We're a small, land investment company that invests in land around the US, primarily in New York State, New Hampshire, Texas, Indiana and Georgia.

I fell in love with land years ago when I developed a passion for hunting and the outdoors. We bought some hunting land with another family as a way for us to spend time with our kids - teaching them to love nature, wildlife and the outdoors. I’ve been hooked on land ever since. Many landowners don't realize there's an alternative to selling their land themselves or paying someone to sell it for them - both can take months or even years. We started Haystack Land Company to help landowners like you to sell your unwanted land safely, quickly and efficiently - even if you decide not to work with us.

Check out our blog for some resources to help educate you on how to sell your land.