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Selling your land in Upstate New York: Tips to maximize your land’s value

Land in Albany County, New York

If you’re a landowner in New York State looking to sell your land fast, you may be considering something called “for sale by owner” (FSBO – pronounced as fizzbo) approach. Putting a little elbow grease into prepping your land can help maximize its value and attract cash buyers, ensuring a quick and successful sale. In this blog post, we’ll share a few tips that have helped us to increase the value of our land, in Upstate New York and really anywhere.

1. Create some curb appeal, yo.

We all know what curb appeal is for a house, right? Trim the trees, mow the grass, cleanup the trash. Well, with land, it’s mostly the same idea. What will your buyer see when they first arrive at your property? Trash and a grown over entrance, or a nice mulched first couple acres with a trail carved out already for them to walk in? If you think your property is worth more than $15-20K, it’s typically worth spending $1-2K to clean up the front.

There’s something called ‘brush mulching’ (some call it hydromulching, but I don’t think that accurately describes what I’m talking about), which is a method where someone with a skid steer goes in, clears out underbrush and small trees under two inches, and turns it into a nice, wood mulch. It’s beautiful.

Check out this property before and after:



See how it’s all covered in brush at the front. It doesn’t make you want to take a nice stroll through it, does it?


Cleaned up and mulch Upstate New York land.

See how you can see into the property, you can easily walk in there and look around. And you’re getting to walk on a nice bed of mulch.

You can’t go wrong having a nice, cleaned out front end of the property.  This always appeals to buyers – even just with the pictures.

2. Ensure good access

What is good access? This means you want buyers able to easily access your property from the road. Is it wooded? Clear a path ensure they can walk or drive in from the road. Is it covered in brush? Thin it out and make it easier to get there. If you have trash anywhere on the property, you should definitely remove it – this will turn any prospective buyer off.

Make sure existing roads and trails are in decent shape so buyers can easily check out the property. Improving access and cleaning up the place is one of the best ways to get top dollar for your land fast.

3. Get a photographer

Highlight your land’s unique features and amenities to attract potential buyers. This could include scenic views, water sources, recreational opportunities, or agricultural potential. Create a detailed description and include high-quality photos that showcase the best aspects of your property. If your property value can justify it, hire a drone photographer to come out to take pictures and videos. You can hire someone on to pretty up your pictures and even make you a nice video – or your drone photographer may also offer that as a service. I’ve used several drone photographers to take pictures of land all around upstate New York, so feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to refer you to one.

4. Market your property well

Where do you guy when you want to buy a piece of land? Yes, you search for it first. Well, the same will go for where you want to sell your land to those people. Maybe through Google? But often you’ll go to a real estate specific site. Sites like Zillow or Redfin are great, and reach a broad range of buyers, but you’re often missing a large audience – especially if you have rural land in New York State. Land specific websites, like Lands of America, Landwatch or Land and Farm, or some lesser known but very effective sites like Landflip or, You can usually pay a provider to list your property on the MLS, which will get you on Redfin or Zillow, but you typically need to pay per listing for the other land specific sites, or have an account. can’t hurt either. Oh – and always, always put a “For sale” sign out at your property. Consider creating a website or dedicated webpage for your property with detailed information, photos, and contact details.

5. Offer owner financing

Offering owner financing can make your property much more appealing to potential buyers who might not qualify for traditional bank loans – or any loan at all. But with interest rates skyrocketing, anything you can do to make it easier for a buyer to acquire some land, the better. By providing flexible financing options, you can expand your pool of potential buyers vastly and increase the chances of a quick sale.

6. Work with professionals

Just because you’re selling your land yourself, doesn’t mean you should go it entirely alone. A realtor can be helpful, but you want to make sure the person specializes in land. And another really important tip for selling your land in New York State is to find a good real estate attorney who can review your agreement and handle the transaction for you, like getting an abstract and title insurance. It can also be a good idea to hire a land appraiser as well to find out how much your land is worth.


Doing just a few of these things can help you maximize the value of and the speed which your Upstate New York land will sell. I’ll admit, having bought and sold several hundreds worth of acres in Upstate New York, I know the value of putting elbow grease and money into making your property look good. But if you don’t have the time or ability and time to spend, and just want to be done with paying taxes on it, please reach out and we’ll make you a cash offer on your land. Check out our homepage for our testimonials, and we have many, many more happy former landowners who sold us their land.

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